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1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special Serial no. 58M111001, Style no. 6039

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According to the Standard Catalog of Cadillac 1903-1990, page 239, there were 12,900 of these built – At 11,001 this one is one of the last of the 58 models, which is a plus, since they have all the bugs ironed out and all the service bulletins incorporated.

If you have ever closed the doors on an original low-mileage 58 Cadillac – They close like doors to a bank vault – smoothly, silently, with little effort and a solid ’click’.  No amount of removal, restoration and reassembly can match well-cared for original – and that’s exactly what this 1958 Fleetwood is…………and exactly how the doors close!

I’m its second owner and I bought the car from the estate of the 94 year old original owner after it sat in his heated garage for several years. I spent 2 years servicing it stem to stern. I cleaned it up – rebuilt the brake system & exhaust system and cleaned up the engine compartment, replacing worn parts with original Delco.   Finally,  researched and  collected publications for this phenomenal car. The car looks, runs and drives like it did in 1958. Period.  There is no rust. The interior is like new; the chrome is perfect and the paint is very good (a few age checks).

Not only that, this is a very unusually equipped 1958 --- An Autronic Eye is the only option – no air suspension, no air conditioning.  A delight to drive and a breeze to maintain.     My enjoyment of this hobby (and my relaxation) is working on them,  not showing them.  When I’m finished they usually get stored – and this one was sitting covered in my basement, and that’s a shame. It deserves better than that, so this beautiful, original car is for sale.

 Negotiable Price $31,000 & I will take a trade

As with all my cars, it comes with a clean Pennsylvania title, a nice set of manuals, service bulletins and original literature.  

Look over the photos - They tell the story better than words. Even better, come see the car – It’s located in the Harrisburg PA area.  As with all my cars, it has a clean Pennsylvania title, a nice set of documentation and manuals.  


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Trunk Detail

Rear Chrome Detail

Front Chrome Detail

Engine Detail

Driver's door panel detail

Wheel & dashboard detail


Front seat detail

Odometer detail showing original mileage

Serial Number

Body Trim Plate

Data Book & Service Literature



Sales Literature & Shop Manuals

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